Hand Caught, Hand Crafted


Wild, Delicious


A Healthy, Local, Wild Alternative

  • Preservative Free
  • No Colourants
  • Naturally Delicious


Locally Sourced, Fully Traceable

Our Products

We use a slow process spanning several days to create hand-crafted, melt-in-your-mouth cold smoked tuna and yellowtail. In our process, fish are carefully cured in a precise combination of salt and sugar before being slowly cold-smoked at temperatures below 5°C. We hand slice all our smoked products to deliver them to your table as irresistible, ready-to-eat delicacies.

As our fish are wild caught they are in the exact state that nature intended. We use no artificial preservatives, colourants or irradiation. Our products are naturally free of hormones and antibiotics.

Wild Caught
Cold Smoked
Hand Sliced
No Artificial Preservatives




Our fish are caught and landed in the waters of the Western Cape where South Africa’s two great oceans meet. We do everything we can to bring the richness of these mighty oceans right to your table.



We partner with licensed commercial fishers who understand the value of the resources they harvest. They take care and pride in what they do and we pass this quality on to you.



Our fish are caught by traditional pole and line and hand-line methods, which have the lowest impact on the marine environment. We only work with fast growing species from well managed stocks.

Locally Caught
ethical Partnerships
ocean Conscious



One at a time

Pole and line and hand-line fishing are traditional forms of fishing, where fish are caught one at a time. No nets or thousand-hook longlines are used and each fish is individually handled with care. These methods are highly selective, meaning other marine creatures are very seldom caught, and in rare cases where they are, they can be safely returned to the ocean. These responsible fishing methods have the lowest possible impact on the marine environment, no impact on sensitive habitats or species, and are labour intensive, meaning they create the most employment opportunities per kilogram of fish harvested. 

Our Story

Wild marine resources are precious. They must be respected and valued. Their harvest should have minimal impacts on the ecosystems of which they form part and must be both sustainable and ethical. We strive to uphold these values and do our part in ensuring the ocean’s bounty can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Lalunga Seafoods is a seafood company with a difference. As a family-owned business with a rich history in the fishing industry, marine research and conservation, we have a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by both the oceans and those who rely on them. We focus on crafting the finest quality delicacies using only local, traceable and sustainable fish species. We aim to maximize the value of wild resources through proper handling and care throughout our sea-to-table approach. This allows us to offer the finest quality products and ensures that everyone with a hand in the process receives their fair share of this value. In our production process every single part of the our fish is utilised, meaning we have zero wastage. 

The Team

Brothers JD and Nick Filmalter have teamed up with Matt Doran to form Lalunga Seafoods. The three have spent their lives inside and on the ocean. With a PhD in fisheries research JD has worked extensively on sustainability in tuna fisheries on a global scale. Nick has spent most of his life exploring the hidden corners of the world’s oceans as an underwater videographer, diver and adventurer. Matt studied marine resource management and has worked as a fishing guide and commercial fisherman for over two decades. They all care deeply about the state of the planet’s marine ecosystems and by combining their skills and knowledge are creating the changes they wish to see.